Glider Kit

Glider Kit

CET offers quality and value with a unique Glider Kit program. Brush truck to Quick-Attack. Engineered, manufactured and assembled for your convenience. A Glider Kit is composed of a CET drop-in, CET polypropylene heavy duty compartments and a CET custom heavy duty Fire Application flatbed.

Standard flat bed and compartments

Glider Kit 1

Glider Kit 2

Standard flat bed with compartments and rear storage compartment

Glider Kit 3

Glider Kit 4

Standard flat bed with comparments and integrated pre-connect compartment on each side

Glider Kit 5

Glider Kit 6

Standard flat bed with compartments, rear storage compartment and integrated pre-connect compartment on each side

Glider Kit 7

Glider Kit 8


The Glider Kit package can be installed on a cab and chassis with supplied "U" bolts, Teflon "Dielectric" pads and brackets. This design allows the body and flatbed to withstand greater levels of stress that can distort other commercial style flat-beds. A truly "OFF ROAD" flatbed!

A modular design allows removal from the chassis for major repair or mounting on a new chassis.

The flatbed design offers unmatched, exclusive, CET features.

Components are pre-assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired and provided to the OEM in a self-contained, tested unit.

One manufacturer, one shipment to track, one service and warranty source.

Quick delivery program.