Newsletters - February 2018

This is the third CET monthly Newsletter. Each month we will bring you information for powerful fire ground solutions involving the products we make.

We will highlight one of our CET equipment dealers, and one of our employees -to give you an opportunity to get to know us a little better- and our dealers who are out there working hard for you everyday. Additionally, we have a “Did You Know” segment to provide factoids on news you can use, and will provide industry news as it becomes available. Let us know what you think. If there are additional topics you feel would be useful to include in our newsletter, please reach out and let us know.

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Article by Ed Collet who is an engineer by trade, a firefighter, and an Instructor for pump operations and re-supply with the Bowling Green State University Fire School.

Often fire departments are presented with having a static water source that has the capacity to provide water for firefighting but have no way to access it with standard fire apparatus. These sources can be ponds and lakes without improved roads, streams and rivers with steep banks, and swimming pools in back yards beyond the reach of the suction hose carried on the apparatus are just some examples. In these cases portable pumps may provide access to the water contained in these sources. 


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Wally’s Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. 
PO Box 1023
1317 S. Hwy. 41
Mullins, SC 29574
(888) 784-2224
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wally Elliott



Years in business

37 years – Started Jan. 3, 1980

Territory serviced
We cover all of South Carolina and the southern portion of North Carolina

Number of people in company, number of field reps
Wally Elliott, Angie Elliott, Boone Elliott, Jeff Black & Sheila Smith

What do you like most about selling CET products?
The factory support from the initial conversation in determining the best product for the customer to the delivery and after the sale support is exceptional. The CET products are rock solid and we have very, very few quality issues. My customers end up being happy and that is our target task.

Which CET product do you enjoy selling the most? 
We enjoy all of the CET products but we have found that the skid units are where customers make the most mistakes on their original thought process. We have learned to catch most of those and have an actual conversation with our customer to make sure their purchase fits not only their performance need but also their budget.

Why should your end user customers buy from Wally’s instead of your competition ? (In general, not just with CET products)
With budgets being stressed as they are in today’s time, customers need to be sure they are getting their money’s worth. When our customers contact us, they are placing a faith n us that we take very serious. i We take great pride in our product knowledge and make extra efforts in making sure we educate our customer to the point that they make a wise purchase. 

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Fire Dept: Hussar Fire Dept , Alberta, Canada
Members: 10 volunteers
Population Served: 780
Territory Coverage: 64,000 acres
# Calls Annually: 38

Discussion with : Einer Davison, Hussar FD near Calgary, Alberta.

What did you purchase?
CET helped us to outfit our brush truck. We had our own Ford chassis and needed someone to assist with making the drop-in skid unit and to finish out the “Brush Buggy” as we like to call it. We worked through our local dealer, Rocky Mountain Phoenix- (Their people were very responsive and helpful throughout the process) to get a CET Drop-in unit that featured a 250-gallon tank, with a CET 20HP Honda pump. We also added an Akron turret monitor on the front bumper with remote control in the cab for the driver. With the way CET engineered the unit, we can re-fill from a water truck or hydrant in just under 2 minutes.

Why did you select CET Fire Pumps for your Drop-In unit
We needed a practical solution on a limited budget. CET was competitively priced and their engineering team was very flexible and easy to work with to accommodate our needs. Jean-Michel at CET- was very helpful and guided us through the process. 

How will you use this unit? 
Grass and brush fires are why we added this unit back in 2014. This past Autumn our unit responded to 16 brush fire calls. We were very happy with it’s performance.

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CET now makes our own water tanks! Improved design, shorter lead times, more flexibility with custom sizes and it has the same warranty as before, but CET covers it!. NOW YOU KNOW.

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Alain Bourbeau


R&D Manager


10 years


Service/warranty Manager, Truck/Trailer Manager, Technical Support 


 I try to give what the customers want. I want to be sure when customer leaves with their truck or foam trailer, I can be see a smile on his face and he leaves happy of his new equipment. 


I play volley-ball over 20 years.