Who is CET

C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg has been designing and building reliable, high quality portable fire pumps, foam systems and apparatus for over 100 years! C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg dates back to 1908.

Presently, C.E.T. Fire Pumps MFG offers a complete line of portable fire pumps with over 20 standard models as well as Compressed Air Foam Systems, 35 CFM to 150 CFM, all available with gas or diesel engines. Each pump or foam system can be a stand alone unit, skid mounted, trailer mounted, truck mounted, floating and more. Additionally, C.E.T. Fire Pumps Mfg offers custom truck manufacturing to meet your specialized requirements. With body and tank manufacturing done in house, C.E.T. Fire pumps Mfg. produces over 1800 pumps, foam systems and vehicles annually from its Canadian and U.S. facilities, serving both domestic and international markets.

Our specialization in design, engineering and production of portable fire pumps foam systems, and trucks allows the entire product to be serviced and warrantied by CET. From plastic water tanks to replacement impellers for pumps, CET owns the production and the after sales service. No middleman to deal with. No divided responsibility for component purchases and warranty. We pride ourselves on the personalized customer service that allows us to offer unmatched value in the portable fire pump, foam, and vehicle market.

Company History

It all started in Canada in 1908 with the founder's grandfather Charles Thibault. The company was dedicated to the manufacture of fire apparatus. After decades of operation and two world wars, the company split into different groups. One became C.E.T. Fire Pumps Mfg. Though the founder of the company had local ambitions, the cost of research and development demanded the company expand it's market well beyond North America.

Today, CET markets its products internationally and continues to offer personalized service to it's customers. Production is conducted in Canada and the United States.

We manufacture every component (casing, impeller, wear ring, bodies, tanks, etc.). We do not depend on any supplier to provide components. C.E.T. Fire Pumps mfg specializes in portable fire pumps, foam systems and vehicles using our engineering and manufacturing. CET offers very competitive products at reasonable price. Contact us today for more details on our product lines personalized service.